Do you have one of the most painful tattoos?

It's a well known fact that getting a tattoo hurts. For the most part, all of these places listed below are extremely painful and you should definitely be aware of that before you go in to get these areas tattooed.

When it’s just skin and bones, you know it’s going to hurt.

But don’t worry, once you get through the pain, you’ll be walking away with a piece that makes it all worth it. No pain, no gain...Right?

Check out this list below to see some of the top ten most painful places to get tattooed.

Sternum 8/10

Sternum tattoo shane grady cold iron

Inner Arm 6/10

inner arm tattoo nicola grady cold iron

Hands 7/10

hand tattoo jay cold iron norwich

Feet 8/10

Chest 8/10

Elbow 9/10

Armpit 9/10

Knee / elbow ditch 8/10

Head 9/10

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