Tattoo Prices

- Over 18's with valid ID*

Our minimum charge is £40

Our apprentice tattoo rate will range from £30-£50 per hour

Our tattooists hourly rates for ongoing work, e.g. sleeves or continuation tattoos ranges between £60-£80 depending on artist. 

Most of the tattoos we make are priced pieces with a minimum to maximum price given prior to the appointment. If we haven't been able to see you in person prior to the tattoo appointment and you have booked in via an online platform sometimes we can't give you an exact price as some pieces will need to be sized to a individuals body. If you are wanting an exact price it is always best to pop into the studio and speak to us face to face.

Our full day sittings for large scale work range from £360 - 450 depending on artist. 9prices correct as of Jan 2023)

Full Days are 10am - 5pm - the whole days is yours, your artist will have a lunch break at some point during the day, but you are welcome to take breaks for food, to have a stretch, or a cigarette break (if you smoke) etc throughout the day.


Piercing Prices

- 16+ with parental consent and valid ID*

- 18+ with valid ID*

Here are our prices for piercings

We only use sterile implant Grade 23 (Ti6Al4V ELI, ASTM F136) Titanium for all our piercings. It is non toxic, non reactive and causes no immunological rejection. It is 3 times stronger than steel, is biocompatible, lightweight and ideal for new and healed piercings. Titanium is nickel free and hypo-allergenic.  

We do not pierce a nostril with ring.