Going Green or Go home!

For a long time we have always wanted to streamline our business and create a happy environment for our clients and artists.

Part of our journey to complete this mission has seen us 'going green'

Whenever we have completed any renovation work within the studio we have always recycled any wood, furniture, fixtures and fittings. Often we will give for free to the local community to help with DIY projects, home repairs or refurbishing rather than take to landfill.

There are obviously things we can not and will not change due to keeping clients and artists safe. For instance disposable plastic coverings per person during the tattoo.

However there are some changes we have made to better ourselves and our business.

Since the studio opened we have always used Eternal ink colours which are vegan and cruelty free. We only use Spirit Tattoo Stencil Paper, which is also Vegan, containing no lanolin like other stencil papers, which reduces the animal agriculture factor in our mission to be greener.

Spirit tattoo stencil paper - vegan

For over 6 years now we have use an online waiver form. This has drastically reduced our paper and printer use in the studio. All our newsletters are emails.

Our aftercare is emailed straight to you also so no ,one paper leaflets!

We have swapped out all our light bulbs in the tattoo area for LED bulbs in an effort to use less energy.

We have ditched disposable coffee cups and invested in Mugs. We reuse our cardboard boxes wherever possible. We try where possible to use suitably sized boxes to pack your orders to reduce unnecessary waste, but we're always looking for ways to do more.

What else can we do?

Moving forward we may ask clients to shave the area they are being tattooed to reduce single use disposable plastic razors.

We are in the process of swapping out all our shop cleaning products to eco friendly cleaning products.

What else do you think we could do to be greener?

Let us know!

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