Reasons to get a tattoo!

Tattoos over the years are increasing in their popularity.

The reason for getting a tattoo will vary from person to person. One to express their personality, another as an art form or memorial. Or maybe its just because they look pretty?


Whatever the reason, tattoos are a personal thing and celebrate YOU being YOU!


Here are some reasonings we have heard in our studio for getting a tattoo... do any of them sound familiar or relatable?


1. Your body is your temple, and you can decorate it however you like.

2. They are an expression of who you are on the inside… on the outside. 

3. It is a permanent reminder of happy events and times and will always make me smile.

4. Who wants to fit in anyway?

5. I will look awesome when I am older!

6. It is art. Getting a tattoo by an artist whose work you love means that you get to keep this unique piece of work created just for you, all to yourself.

7. They don’t have a meaning.

8.There is nothing wrong with getting one just because you like how it looks. Your body, your choice.

9. People have been getting tattooed for thousands of years. 

10. They help people and make someone self-conscious feel great. Tattoos can be used to cover scars.

11. The tattooist had walk in / flash spaces and I felt spontaneous.

12. Because I wanted it!

13. Because it looked cool and why not?

14. All of mine are really meaningful

15. I got told recently that art doesn't NEED meaning. Wall art doesn't need it or tats!

16. Why not?


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