TW: Blood and tattoos


Want to give blood? Want to get a tattoo? 
There are a few rules…

Tattoo : Body Piercing

You have to wait for 4 months from the date of your body piercing, laser tattoo removal or tattoo (including semi-permanent make-up and microblading) before you give blood. 

Tattoo/Piercing: How soon after donating can you get a tattoo/piercing?

We would advise avoiding having a tattoo or skin piercing on the same day or evening after donating blood as there may be an increased risk of an adverse reaction (feeling faint/fainting/lightheadedness) during or after the procedure. As long as you are well and feeling fully recovered from blood donation the next day then there is no need for us to advise any further restrictions. Please note that a tattoo/skin piercing will mean that you are not eligible to attend to donate blood again for 4 months.

Is Getting a Tattoo While on Your Period OK?

On a basic level, being on your menstrual period will not affect your tattoo, and a tattoo will not affect your period. As an adult, you’ve learned to persevere through the inconvenience of menstruating and hardly let your cycle hold you back from living your life. So if it was a struggle to secure time on your tattoo artist’s books, don’t let your period be the reason why you cancel your appointment. However, if you can avoid scheduling a tattoo session during that fateful week, do so for two main reasons: potentially heightened sensitivity during your period and conflict with pain medications taken for menstrual cramps or otherwise.


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